Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jack's 1st Birthday

Today was such a fun day! For those of you who may not know Jack you are missing out! He is our little puppy, and today on May 2nd he turned 1 year old. Jon and I got him last June, and he has been so much fun. I never thought of myself as a dog person at all, but after raising Jack this past year I now would consider myself a dog lover well maybe not all dogs but a "Jack" lover. Since we don't have kids yet, and are not planning to for a few years. Jack is our baby, and today on his special day we threw him a BIRTHDAY PARTY! It was a blast! We invited friends family and all puppies! We had a BBQ and enjoyed some "People Puppy Chow" and we had an adorable dog cake that my mom made. She is so creative and made the cake look just like Jack. We opened presents then watched Jack blow out his candle on his patty cake. He was so funny all day. He loved all the attention he got from everyone all day long. He definitely knew it was his special day. Thanks everyone for coming and for all the great gifts!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


A little update on Jon and I. We have been enjoying every second of spring. We bought scooters 2 weeks ago and have been riding them all over the place! They are so fun, and it was such a good purchase! Plus Jon will start using his at school! It will be much more convenient for him since the U of U parking is just horrible. The scooters have kept us busy on these warm spring days. (Pictures coming soon)

This weekend we went up to the cabin at bear lake with my parents and did a little spring snowmobiling. Usually I don't like doing things that have to do with snow, but we had such a blast. We couldn't have had a more amazing spring day. We had fresh snow blue skies and temperatures of 55 degrees. Perfect is the only way to describe the trip. No accidents, no getting stuck, no roll overs, and no damaged Mobil's! It was a successful trip!

Thanks mom and dad for the fun weekend!

Next on the list this spring is St. George. We will be headed down south for Easter next weekend. Our plans will consist of soaking up the sun at the pool and golfing. I cant wait to spray on a little banana boat and start getting some color., Jon has never been to St. George so I cant wait to show him around. I hope you all have a wonderful fun and safe Easter weekend!

Coral Canyon Golf Coarse! Jon is going to love it!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Newest member of the Drake family!

This weekend Jon and I said goodbye to my car (Jada) and said hello to our new Grand Cherokee! We have been wanting an SUV for awhile now since we both had Mazda's we felt like we needed to switch things up! This weekend the opportunity came up and we jumped on it! We are so excited about it and couldn't be more happy with the decision we made! Those of you who know me know I love my cars and know that I get very attached to my cars. 1st it was Shaniqua the black civ! Loved her!!! she was my first car at age 16, and got me and my friends through those crazy high school days! She took us to school, drill practice, the mall,the tanning salon, football games, MAVERICK, and so many other of those important places! Then after high school It was time to move on from a 2 door to a 4 door, and from black to white. That's when Jada came into my life. She was the car I took down to SUU and the car that followed me to Cali for a few years. she performed terrific I took her on many road trips to Vegas and many parts of Cali. I definitely put the miles on her and wore her out! which lead me to the new Jeep! (no name yet) I need some time to get to know her!! (Amy I know you understand) Jon and I feel like we are way more mature now that we have a SUV hahah! at least it will be nice when we add on to our family!



Thursday, February 18, 2010

All Smiles

Here are Addi's most recent pictures! When I look at these pictures I just smile. She is so cute I LOVE her to death!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This week is going to be really hard on me. My brother and sister-in-law are moving this Friday all the way across the country to Pensacola Florida. Brian has been accepted into the Navy, and has been assigned pilot slot on a fighter jet.

So they are off to take on this journey of military life! They will be in Florida for about 2years then off to wherever the Navy needs them. They will most likely never be back in Utah. I am really sad to see them go. As you all know they were blessed with an adorable baby girl last August and we have been spoiled to be able to be so close to little Addilyn. She is such a blessing in our family's life! She was long awaited for, and now that she is here it hurts to know that she is moving so far away! Addi brings so much joy and light into our lives. We are going to miss her dearly. Jon and I just love her to death. We have had alot of time to spend with her these past 6 months and we are so attached! We are already planning trips out to beautiful Florida to visit them. I just want to wish Brian and Kayt the best of luck in there new and exciting adventure! I know they will have so much fun and success in there travels and in there life. I am excited for them and love them dearly. Just know you guys will be missed! GOOD LUCK AND BE SAFE!! LOVE YOU GUYS

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful day and treated your valentine to something special. This year I decided to do the 12 days of Valentines for Jon. So on February 3rd I started the first day! It was really fun! Jon loved it he woke up every morning to lit candles and something special for him left on the counter!
It was really fun putting this all together for him.
Saturday night Jon took me to the Roof Restaurant on the 10Th floor of the JSMB. I had not been there since like prom 6 years ago and Jon had never been there! So we got dressed up and hit the town. It was an amazing night. The view from the restaurant is breathtaking, we had a table right next to the window which made it all the better. The food was really great too! We had such a fun, and romantic night!

Then Sunday morning I woke up to Jon giving me a dozen yellow roses! which I might add is my very favorite flower! I gave him a special Valentine Pin, and he wore it proudly all day long! It was such a warm beautiful Sunday we decide to take the pup and head up the canyon for a Sunday walk! It was so nice to be outside and enjoying the fresh air! Then later that night we had a Valentines dinner. We had my family up to our house for a little home cooking by Chelsie! Its always fun to have guest up to entertain! All in all I have to say we had a great weekend and a great first valentines as a married couple!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Refurbishing Fun!

This week Jon and I decided to refurbish these 2 chairs that were in the kitchen and probably 30 years old. We had so much fun re-designing them. We picked out what colors we wanted to use, and then bought the paint and fabric. When Jon and I get an idea in our heads we always go through with it. So we started this project Sunday and finished them Monday night! Jon did all the hard work such as taking them apart and sanding them down. Then he pained them and as you can see he added his own touch with the beautiful palm tree and light house!That was a surprise to me when I got home, but I loved them. It's hard not to like anything Jon paints. He is an amazing artist. My job was to re-cover the seat, so I just cut the foam and the fabric to fit the chairs and We nailed them on! It's crazy how much of a difference it makes in the kitchen. The chairs before were brown and this really ugly orange like leather fabric soooo 70's! So with 1 day and $15 we were able to update them. Now they look so cute in our black and yellow kitchen!