Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jack's 1st Birthday

Today was such a fun day! For those of you who may not know Jack you are missing out! He is our little puppy, and today on May 2nd he turned 1 year old. Jon and I got him last June, and he has been so much fun. I never thought of myself as a dog person at all, but after raising Jack this past year I now would consider myself a dog lover well maybe not all dogs but a "Jack" lover. Since we don't have kids yet, and are not planning to for a few years. Jack is our baby, and today on his special day we threw him a BIRTHDAY PARTY! It was a blast! We invited friends family and all puppies! We had a BBQ and enjoyed some "People Puppy Chow" and we had an adorable dog cake that my mom made. She is so creative and made the cake look just like Jack. We opened presents then watched Jack blow out his candle on his patty cake. He was so funny all day. He loved all the attention he got from everyone all day long. He definitely knew it was his special day. Thanks everyone for coming and for all the great gifts!


  1. OMG Chels. What a freakin cute pup!! I LOVE that you put a lil party hat on him! lol Happy birthday Jack!

  2. hahaha, Chels! Duke's birthday is this Saturday and we are totally planning a party for him, dog cake and all!!

  3. Krys, I love that your having a party too! They are the best! Duke will love his life. Ps your new pictures are amazing. You look stunning!

    Ness, Thank you! I see your getting a puppy soon too! That is so exciting! Good luck on finding the perfect pup!

  4. Okay. . .
    A. I am dying at your party throwing skills and you better help throw Addi's #1 Birthday. . I decided on a "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" theme with all pink textures ( damask, stripes, polka dots) and monkey accents. . . ( You know your neice with monkeys)
    2. I LOVE your hair dark. . Brunettes are the most beautiful . . haha, that's just MY opinion.
    D. I miss my dog nephew. . LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  5. Kayt.... You crack me up!! I love reading your comments! You better believe I will help with Addi's party! I cant wait! What a cute theme idea you have! That will be so fun to work with! only like 3 months and counting! Jon and I are more then excited to see you guys! Love ya!